Just Re-built 426

I just re-ringed my 426 today and after i re-built it, i was just kicking it through with the decompression lever held to lube everything up, well i stopped for a minute to check fluids, then started kicking again, and my decompression lever was sticking like the valve was open, but i'd kick it farther and it would come back to normal, it keeps doing this. I think it might be timing, but it confuses me how it happened, any thoughts or suggestions? Has it happened to anyone else?

You could be right about the timing. I would recheck it. Also, did you do a valve job? It might need one.



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Originally posted by YZ400Court:

It is normal for the decomp lever to go slack when the valve opens. The cam pushed the valve bucket further than the decomp lever does, so when the cam is in the right spot, there will be no pressure from the valve spring in the decomp lever if you pull it. It is not normal for it to be noticable unless your pulling on it. The lever should not move on it's own. There is a spring that keeps the actuator on the head retracted when your not pulling on it. It the spring there?

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