2 wheel drive WR450


After one hundred years of one wheel drive, Yamaha are to launch the revolutionary WR450F 2-Trac rally bike, a limited production competition machine featuring the world’s first production two wheel drive system for motorcycles. Based closely on the successful WR450F four stroke Enduro machine, the WR450F 2-Trac is the result of many years of joined development by Yamaha and Öhlins Racing AB."


looks like this bike may now be available in Australia. has anyone out there had any experience with it? i don’t know if it is readily available to commoners but would anyone invest in one for a weekend trail machine? :thumbsup:

I friend of mine has it. I have tried it. It is great bike. It comes with ohlins/scott damper and the ohlins suspension is great. The real wheel do not have tendancy to go left-right. It is 15kg heavier. Also there is power loss with all this hidraulics. I beat him at drag race with my 450 as if he is riding 426.

Just imagine how good that thing would be in the sand!

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