spark arrestor removal?

I know this is the blue side but maybe you guys have some thoughts on this?

Will my xr100 be a little punchier if I pull the spark arrestor off of it? Have any of you guys done it and did you have to rejet?

What kind of spark arrestor does it have? I had one before, and I saw that it had a baffle in the silencer. I think that those have to be drilled out.

My advice is: Get a "real" bike.

[ June 29, 2002: Message edited by: mxrider426 ]

I'm talking about the stock pipe and arrestor on a 01' xr100.

By the way dude, try reading my signature, it's my g/f's bike that I bought her, I do ride a "real" bike.

My sons had XR's, I don't know that the spark arrestor can be pulled, I thought it was integral to the muffler. However, on my old XR400 you could remove the baffle and leave the spark arrestor intact and it no doubt made it "punchier".

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