*klonk klonk* from engine suddenly

Hello :thumbsup:

i was riding yesterday on my wr400, everything was fine.. then, after a hard landing after a jump it suddenly started to "klonk" ~4 times/sec (at idle speed), pretty loud sound that i felt through out the bike. i instantly hit the kill button and havent started it since then. it sounded like something braked loose in the engine after the landing. today i opened the top and looked at the camshafts, see if everything was in order there and it seems to be.

have somoene experienced this before?

I had a klonk klonk noise once in my 426. turned out to be the timing chain. The links in the chain bound up in a few spots, just like a old abused drive chain might. This problem was self induced. I neglected to change the oil on a regular basis. Good call shutting it down right away.

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