Hey guys, I just bought this kick ass little mp3 player. It doesn't have any disc inside so that means no skipping. I have been downloading free tunes off of "" all afternoon.

I've got lots of ozzy and Smashing Pumpkins and Limp Bizkit for riding.

What do you guys listen to while you ride if anything?

Chimaira, Dry Kill Logic, Slaves On Dope, Static-X, Metallica, and best of all...Slipknot :)

I like White Zombie, AC DC, Megadeath, Godsmack, Sevendust, and all the others mentioned.

Tool, Alice n chains, Disturbed, and my most favorite...old david lee roth Van Halen

50's country. Hank, Johnny, Bob Will, Ernest.


p.s., old guy from the south.

Gregorian chants, Pat Boone's greatest hits, Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Sound tracks of porno movies

I like walks at sunset on the beach, James Taylor,

riding horses, movies, Broadway musicals, and cooking.I'm also not afraid to cry

Looking for someone to share.. Wait what thread is this?


HEY!!! Where can I get that porno soundtrack??

Wait a minute, it would probably only be a single anyway because it seem like they use the same damn song in every one that ive seen. :)

Guns N'Roses... Welcome To The Jungle!!

BraBra Strisand,

Hullio Egglaces,

EngleButt HumpaDink

The Best of SinAtra

and the muppets theme song....

Then I make believe I am that Real cool guy from The Movie Top Gun and ride like I can

I listen to the roar of my 426, I have never thought about listening to music while riding but if I did it would be Linkin park, Adema, Korn and such other bands. Frank

I'm with you fastfrank i listen to the sweet sound of my bike and guy's on quad's whining after i roost them especiallywhen they park in the middle of the damn trail.

Metallica, AC/DC, Motorhead, Van Halen, Guns n' roses, Anthrax, Linkin Park, Ted Nugent, Godsmack, Ozzy, Black sabath, Led Zepplin, White Zombie, Alice In Chains,Deep Puple, Tool, Rush, Molley Hatchet, Static-X, and Lynyrd Skynyrd in no particular order.

All forms of rap (aka Crap), and that pop sh!t suck. Hard, mean, and fast metal or nothin! :D

I always crank somethin hard and fast before i go riding :)

ive never thought of listening to music while i ride....probably because my taste in music tends to put a person to sleep before anything else. Doubtful that some Ben Harper or Jeff Buckley would make me ride any better. :) Maybe i need to get into some more angry music!

I just added Offspring to the playlist and it is pretty cool too.

It does get pretty noisy with the engine revving up, does anyone have any suggestions for optimum sound quality?

Ego lives

Any other Dream Theater fans out there? I don't listen while I ride, but if I did the Offspring "Smash" alblum would be a must!


What kind of headphones do you use?

I hate sticking those pieces of crap in my ears.

My friend got regular ones and took them apart, then stuck the speakers in the ear holes in his helmet.

I haven't seen a helmet with ear holes since little league. :)

I would love not to use the earphones. If I could rig up a stereo helmet, that would be awesome........

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