Sirthump and papasmurf,

I went to school with the guys from dream theater. We practiced in rehearsal rooms right next to each other many times....funny, I dont remember them being as amazing!!!A few years of shedding (practice) can make a big difference! Those guys are like the Rc's and Jimmy Stewards of progressive hard rock. Also, the drummer from living color roomed right above me. Berklee college of music '85-87. Remember Nuno Bettencourt and Extreme? I was pretty good friends with Pat the bass player. He played in a band with my roomate but then quit to join extreme. I remember my roomate saying..."they'll never get signed" lol


Sirthump, I'm a huge Dream Theater fan - going to see them at House of Blues in Orlando next month with Joe Satriani and King's X. Should be an incredible show. I saw D.T. on the Scenes From a Memory tour- absolutely incredible!!!!

Don't listen while I ride, but if I did it would be Metallica, Prong, Sevendust, Static-X, King's X, Anthrax, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Megadeth (may they rest in peace :D ), AC/DC, Slipknot - too many more to list!! :)

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