How much diff is riding a 426f then the 250f?

I have a 250f and plan on keeping it, but someone offered me a trade for my Drz400. He offered a 426, which can be seen here... 426

How much difference is there from the 250f? Im an average rider, 175wt and about 5'10" tall. im just not sure if i should do it or not.

What about the weight difference? is it alot heavier or does the 426 feel real heavy??

Thanks for any input on this,


The 426 will be alot heavier than the 250F. It will make more power but you'll feel it. I would trade the DRZ though.

The fo too 6 might be a bit heavier than the 250f,but it's way lighter than a drz400S !

The ergos are similiar to your 250F but more weight and more power. I would trade the Zuki in a hearbeat.

There is a weight difference, but it is easy to get over with the power increase you get!

I have ridden both on the same track, same day. the 250f is lighter up top, you feel that in tight corners. Power is smooth, never fast but you get moving pretty fast. you also have to shift more and I found myself one gear up compared to the 426.

The 426 has power all the time. no worrying about getting enough speed to clear a jump or obstacle. just twist the wrist! But if you full pin it all the time, the bike will tire you out. You have to use throttle control. The weight you will get use to it after a few laps. the bike likes to fall into corners more than lean.

The 98-02 bikes are the same ergos. the 03s use the flatter seat which is easier to move forward on.

Like said, do the 426! Great bike if you like more power

Agree on the weight, but it is negligible due to the HP to Weight Ratio

the 426 is not as nimble as the 250, but a few adjustments, Aka Zstart clutch, suspension, gearing and so on.

The DRZ :thumbsup: Trade

I swap back and forth from my sons 250f and the 426, the 250 sits in the garage, not enough brute for me

I went from a 426 to a 250F and I'm happy with the switch. I'm 5'10" 150 lbs, ride MX, dez, trails. The 426 has great power but is definitly heavier. The 250f corners better, has great power, and is just less tiring. Sometimes I miss the 426, especially in the dez, but the 250f can hold its own. If you can have BOTH, you're stoked. I would trade the DRZ in a heartbeat.

Honestly, I have only taken the Dr off-road a few times. So its more street than anything. Im just not sure if i can handle the bulk of the 426 as far as weight/feel goes.

What i love the most about my 250f is how 'flickable' and corner-'able' it is.

If i had that with the power of the 426, id be set!

i'd get the 426 in a second. the 426 is alot lighter than the drz and you dont only have to ride the 426 if you didnt want to. you act like that will be your only bike. i mean cmon 2 is always better than 1. whats the saying again...he who has the most toys wins?especially if its a yamaha

Honestly, I have only taken the Dr off-road a few times. So its more street than anything. ...

Be sure you can street-legal the 426 in your area if that is important to you.

If you were totally happy with your 250F,then you wouldn't be considering the trade.I dont notice the weight on my '02,but my other bike is a modded XR650L and the 426 feels like a mini-bike compared to that.Also i sold a CR500R to get the Yamaha and the power on both is close.

Motochris, I thought of that, but the real reason is because Im not using the DRZ alot and Im riding the 250f all the time. Sometimes I want the power of a 450 or 426 for different rides, I tried to ride the Drz off road and it is awesome for trails ..etc but I have to believe that the 426 is way better all around.

Besides Its a Yami, I'm always partial to Yami's anyway.

Its hard to give up on riding the street, too.

If you don't want to give up riding on the street, I'd stick with the 250f and the DRZ. Why would you need a 426 and a 250f anyway? Seems like the more obvious thing to do would be to sell the 250f and buy a 426 or a 450. I think my 426 feels a little heavy, but I wouldn't give it up for nothin!

Thats why I asked. I dont want to give up the street but its just too dangerous around here. Plus, I cant afford to even buy tires for the Dr right now, those deathwings are begging me to fall in the woods.

Im just not sure about the 426. I know i need to ride it to see how it feels but I wanted to get some feedback from TT to see what some of you with experience on these bikes have to say.

I can honestly say that my 250f is the best bike I have ever ridden, im hoping that the 426 is the same way.

Just not sure what to do, yet....

Anyone want to buy a Drz...LOL

I had two cr500's before i bought the YZ,and i was worried about the extra weight.But to tell you the truth the twenty pounds isn't really noticeable.I think the 250f and cr500 weight about the same.

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