Houston area (Southeast Texas) riders....

Is there anyone who lives here in Houston are the Houston area who rides Sam Houston National Forest? I am trying to find people to ride with, everyone I ride with just wants to go to the local tracks and I prefer the woods. I need someone who would not mind riding with my girlfriend, because she is just learning. (She is getting better fast, she loves riding.) I am a decent rider, used to race hare scrambles but took about 10 years off. Anyway, let me know.

Are there any GOOD riding areas left in Sam Houston Nat. Forest? Last I heard they were shutting down all the good trails left and right. I used to go up around the Conroe area and camp/ride alot, but after talking to some people in that area, they say it sucks, that alot of good trails are no longer accesible.

But yeah, I would drive up there and hook up sometime....I am mainly an MX guy, but have been known to rip a bit in the trees and trails. I have a good hare scrambles racer buddy of mine that keeps me honest though :)

I rode in Sam Houston back in the '80s a lot. It isn't what it was back then, but it is still nice. There are about 100 miles worth of trails. We would go up to Angelina National Forest a lot also back then. I heard that the Forest Rangers were real jerks up there though. Angelina was real nice. Whenever you want to go, let me know. We are always ready to ride.

I ride up in New Waverly (exit 102, Sam Houston Nat'l forest) occasionally. I will probably go up there sometime in the next month. I like the woods because it is great practice for tight turns, and it forces you to get used to your bike.

I have raced in Houston a few times (probably around 8 years ago now) rode there with TRH. Absolutly fantastic. Need I say more. - Much better ridding than here in the UK. but gets a little warm mind you. Hope to ride there again one day soon.


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