Off Topic IE help please

Once again I am not getting any icons on my web pages. I have white boxes with red x's everywhere. I have checked my security settings and they are set at medium. Can anyone help?


Rick Fuller

You Probably have the java script disabled. Check your securtity setting in IE


Tools/Internet Options / Security.

The one are you look for is the internet tab.

Look at the settings there see if java is disabled or just set to default and try

Where you the one that had IE issues before ?

Did you upgrade to 6.0

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I went into the security settings,and do not have a internet "tab". the only place where I found "java" was in the advanced tab. I clicked on the restore defaults button, restarted, and things are better. Thanks for the help

What version of IE do you have

Help/About IE

running 6.0.2600.0000

you went to

Tools / Internet Options / Security Tab

and ther was no Internet Icon

yes, there is a internet icon, and it is highlighted, but I don't see anything about java or javascript

Thats the seeting I spoke about, Sorry bout that. You should see a settings icon in the lower right side, from there you can reset defaults of look through the custom settings...

Hope that helps. If you are using a firewall the fire wall should have customized this area for you. You may have to change settings in the firewall, (Only if you have one)

EGO, things are working fine now, thanks for the help

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