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86 to 95 -XR250R 270cc (76mm) Head Gasket

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I'm in the process of organising the bits and pieces to fit a 270 kit to my sons 92 XR250.

My dilemma is the head gasket.  I've been told the best option is a cometic gasket to suit, but I haven't found where I can buy one of these in Australia yet, or the part#.

My options as I see it are:

1/  Source the Cometic gasket

2/ Buy a Wiseco top end gasket kit (WS5425 to suit 75.5 to 78mm bores)

3/ Buy an 84/85 XR250R gasket as they had a 75mm bore and would only be 1mm difference as per using a std head gasket on the 84/85 with a 1mm overbore.  Does anyone know if they are a direct fit other than the bore size?

4/ Buy a standard gasket, draw up in cad and have it laser cut out of copper.

Can anyone weigh in and help out?

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