Proving WHo I am


"EGO tells me (I mean TTrFNAEA) he will be around from time to time."

"I know longer will answer to EgoAhole,

I want to be called

TTr Formerly Known As EgoAhole



TTrFNAEA? TTrFKAEA? How many voices are you hearing from? What's that..a jailbreak, oh no!!!there's EGOs everywhere. :)

Guess you're going to need a few new bikes.

E.G.O.; What did I miss? You openly boast about stuffing a "twit" into a high school locker with the assistance of your posse. I'm curious, did you derive immense pleasure from humiliating a smaller and weaker guy by stuffing same into a locker? Did you also realize that you defined yourself as a mega-coward by doing that? From your spelling and grammatical aptitude, I doubt it. Oh, I just insulted you, in case you were wondering.

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Needsprayer; You have mastered the art of "subtlety". I'm in awe.... :)

:D Should I respond ?

:) Must I respond ?

:D Nah

Show me a good loser in professional sports and I'll show you an idiot.

Leo Durocher

There's not much you can say, is there? You were a coward then, and you are still a coward today. The proof is in your post. You enjoy the idea of you and your cowardly friends ganging up on a smaller and weaker guy. Why didn't you just do it yourself? Why did you need assistance? Were you "afraid" that you might not be able to accomplish that deed alone? Hmmmm? You are the lowest of the scum suckers. To this day, I doubt that you have any regrets about your sleazey past.

Boit, Boit, Boit

What is your point Boit?

My Metaphor on stuffing a lil snotty poo-poo head into a locker was just that "A METAPHOR" for a reply that is always from a specific poison.

So I guess I hit a nerve with that one didn’t I.

So when was the last time someone stuffed you into a locker?

Just keep flapping that fat tissue on your chin something with significance may come out

Before you spout off again with another barrage of hate towards me, think about one thing:

Its easy to be behind a keyboard anonymously it provides a safe zone, Nuggets grow and brave lil souls like yourself start saying things that just.....

Ah for get it I am not wasting my time with you anymore.

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I was returning to this thread to say that I was finished with you, but this will be my last post on this matter and I don't intend to bash you any longer.

I was never stuffed into a locker, however, I DID witness cowardly bullies tormenting smaller and weaker guys. That enraged me. I stepped in and demanded that they leave the guy alone and take it out on me if they so desired. They did. I got my ass whipped but I also took a big chunk out of the ring leader(there were 3). The lesson I learned is that you have to defend yourself and take lumps to get the bullies to back off. They are nothing without their posse. You pushed my button when you used that "metaphor", although, I still don't get it. You said "we".

By the way, I once witnessed a 160 lb guy kick the crap out of 4 guys over a pool game. In less than 5 seconds, this little guy broke bones and hyper extended knees/elbows on those 4 guys. Just because a guy is small, it doesn't mean he doesn't know how to take care of himself. It was the most incredible fight I have ever witnessed.

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Egodumbhole wrote: Before you spout off again with another barrage of hate towards me, think about one thing:

Its easy to be behind a keyboard anonymously it provides a safe zone, Nuggets grow and brave lil souls like yourself start saying things that just.....

Yznvegas: Geese, why don't you listen to yourself? You are the one talking about beating up kids in school and stuffing them in lockers.

Aside from being a big time attention seeker, you are a big time HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!



I might be a hippieCrite, I might be an ahole, I might be alot of things.

But the one thing I am not is the snotty lil twit like yourself.

You are like that lil dog that keeps nipping at your heals when you back is turned, the one you just cant kick cuz it backs off to quick and hides.

Ga Dand it, I promised myslef I would not do this, but it takes people like you vegas to just push my button.

Boit I appolgies if I pushed yours, bad habit of mine I guess.

Vegas get a life lil one

Lauging my azz off as usual, If it ain't enough w/ Ego and Sludgehammer then it is Ego and Vegas or Ego and Boit, Funny guys, I love this site not just to learn about my bike but to get a good laugh at you guys, I would definitely like to see a race between Ego & Vegas!! Anyone game?? Now make sure you turn it into a video clip so we can all watch. I bet it would be like Road Rash the video game!! LOL Peace! Frank :)


At best I realized that the personality I created with Egoahole was getting to contriversial. So I decided to tone it down, With your comment I confirm to myself that crap like this is not needed in TT. Sure flames are one thing, but the stupidty of name calling (Yes I am Guilty) is a line drawer.

All that aside, I need not respond anymore to the likes of BoneHead-N-Vegas

Oppps I called him name

Down Ego Down :)

Ya I am an attention getter , my shrink says its becouse of my childhood, ya see I had this friend called Vega he was an imaginary friend. So one day he got me real mad, so I hide from him for almost a week, he could not find me. Then I took out my Major Matt Mason Creepie Crawler and beat Vega Over the head until he disapeared. It was then i realized that I just hurt my very best friend...

Hey Wait Vega ---- Vegas,,,, Vega yznvegas

Do ya Think

Do Ya think its possible

Can it really beeeeee himmmmmmmm

Vega your baaaackkkk :D

[ July 02, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Fastfrank, I have challenged Egodumbhole to a race before and he declined.

I am game anytime. I think it would be fun. :)

Yes Vegas you did challange me to a race

Quote from bonehead-n-vegas

and he declined

Can you show me where I declined mouthman

I admit I am sooooo afraid to race you

ohhhh ahhhhhh me fraidycat

What the blank will that prove ?

Lets do this

I bet I could spit farther then you

I bet I could piss up a wall higher then you

Its a fat chance I will every be down to were you are, if you every get to CA my area though

No problemo, bring the bike and the kids we will have us some fun.

Im done once again, vegas brought out the worst in me. Bad Ego Bad Bad Bad

[ July 02, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

It's funny as controversial as it seems to get sometimes between not just you 2 (ego and vegas) I would almost bet that if you two were to meet in person and ride together you would be friends because after all the majority of us in here are all here because we love the sport of motorcycling whether it be street or dirt. Controversy (I probably spelled that wrong) is everywhere whether it be here or their, So what's up Ego you two get together and race, it should be Thumpertalk's first televised race live via the Net right here on TT!! Ahh it would be great, Road Rash the video game right here live in real life, Ego you get a chain and Vegas you get a Bat!! Who goes down first? No one knows!! It would def. be entertaining, I mean look how many people are online right now reading and responding to all these post's!! Frank :)

Ego check your PM!! If the link works you should get a laugh!! Frank :)

Oh man that is good, Love Samual great actor


These are great

E.G.O.; You might consider refraining from grouping your fellow TT'rs into your little pigeonhole by labeling them as "sheeple". It doesn't endear you to too many TT'rs. The connotation is that you are superior to everyone else simply because they dare to disagree with you. You lose respect quickly by taking that stance. You also invite ridicule. Give respect and you will receive respect.

Glad you enjoyed them I would have posted them for everyone to view but "some" people may have been offended. I have never seen Samuel Jackson in a movie that he wasn't a great actor!! Frank :)

Fastfrank, if it is something that might offend some people than, well, I WANNA SEE TOO!!!!! :)


I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Geez dude, Is that all you can do is just nit pick at things you cannot comprehend.

Again the Term Sheeple is not meant towards anyone in particular. It is used as a statement for gullibility.

If you read the dang posts in regards to the content of what I was referring to, then you would understand the content and context for which it was used.

But then again I guess reading comprehension is just not in your IQ is it.

Now you are getting irratating

And Vegas Now that I responded to your challange to Race me, Where is your spouting off now boy

again backed in a corner you cant respond typicle, never could you backup your mouth, could ya lil boy. Always the same with you just like that lil snippy dog at your heals, run and hide

[ July 02, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

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