Proving WHo I am

This is the site I was talking about, no one get offended now I just thought it was hilarious, cuz I think Samuel Jackson is a great actor and is very "colorful" with his remarks in most of his movies!! great actor!! Enjoy! Frank :)





Are any of these real words???

Ok Ego, I am sorry I doubted you at first. It is just that the first few posts with the new name had quite a different style and tone to them. And the spelling was much improved also. You must have been fully decompressed from your time on vacation. But now that you have been back at work and TT for a while the good ole Ego is in full effect. If we try to find a positive in every situation, then I would say that Steve R. Jack-a-Weano (aka 426SludgeHumper) found the real Ego for us.

Welcome back.


So Ego in 40 some replies, "have you proved who you are"??????? just curious, Frank :)

Who am I?

Who is anyone really?

DO we or does anyone really know who he or she is?

I dont know thers to many voices, just too Many VOICES :)



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