First ride on 04' WR450

Just wanted to say, my new toy is sweeet!!!

First ride, last weekend at Dove Springs in the dez, and I had the time of my life. Endless power, wheelies, roost, power slides and speed! Super stable, low vibes, and smooth power. I love this bike! I should have bought one a long time ago! At one point I was doing 75mph on pipeline road and it was soo stable, as if I was only doing 35mph. A big step up, and change from my beater 90' CR250. The WR is one badd-A machine!!! :thumbsup::lol: Definatly needs a Q muffler, possibly a stabilizer, but thats it! And the Electric Leg is priceless!!!! Although, Yamaha has the hot start lever and auto-decompression down pat! Its easier to kick than my CR250! Started hot, 1st kick every time!!

Im in love all over again!! :awww::lol:

Matt, congrats on the new ride.... The WR's rule.... Great bikes, they handle great with low vibes.. Have fun.. :thumbsup:

HEY I AGREE, i love my WR450 also. Only that made it better was the dual sport kit. :thumbsup::awww::lol:

If you think it is fast now, wait till you get a YZ throttle stop for it .. Congrats !!

Awesome ride, ain't they... I love mine. Congrats on your new machine man... enjoy.

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