CRD exhaust systems?

I would at least find a good picture to look at first. The YZ250F exhaust pictured on their site looks like a bazooka and sticks out as far as the fender. No wonder its quiet.

The CRf mufflers look to be about 24 inches long from the pictures. I know when you add to the tuned length, you get more low end, which fits with their claims.

Do any of you run the any of the CRD exhaust systems? I planning on getting one for enduro's. They claim 92db and a 10% increase in bottom to midrange power? Is any one buying those numbers? Will this work or will it bone my bike out? I can't run the super loud junker FMF any more. I am blowing the bark off the tree's :) ----Mike

The picture on there website is at a funny angle also though. I could put a fishtail off a harly pipe on it! :) I just want to pass a sound test just to spite my riding buddies and be legal. I just hope it does not bone it out to much. I was hoping for pictures or someones experience before I plop down the dough. Thanks guys, ---Mike

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