8 MX starts/8 Holeshots on a 03 WR450F

Been trying to motocross my 03 WR450F this year. I am 37, metal plates in each leg from the younger racing days, 40lbs overweight, was out of mx for 13 years. I am now racing again in the vet. novice class. 8-10 other competitors in the class. Having alot of fun, feeling those old competitive feelings again.

I uncorked the bike when I got it March of '03. I have been running the motor stock uncorked, no new pipe or cams. Just wanted to let you folks know that even with the extra weight on the bike, it is capable of still mixing it up with full on MX bikes.

We have had 8 motos in our state series so far and I have taken each and every holeshot. The first 4 on a dirt start gate, the last 4 on a concrete starting pad.

Getting quite the reputation for it and enjoying the holeshot awards. :thumbsup:

I have led each moto for 1/3 to over 1/2 race distance before tiring out, consistently finishing 4th now. I know my conditioning isn't quite where it needs to be and I am working on that but I truly believe that I am in as good shape as many of the other guys in the class. They are all on full MX bikes, 125's , 250F's, 250 two strokes, 450F's, each with 30-45 lbs weight difference. Lugging around that extra weight on the bike just saps me for the last two laps and that is where they start passing me.

I've dropped the kick-starter, just to rub the E-start in on the other guys.

Gonna drop the lights, odometer, and start looking for a lighter tail-pipe to drop some more poundage. Any suggestions for lighter mufflers?

Koolio, Right On!! Thw WR makes a great MX bike until you hit the big jumps. Suspension is too soft. I simply love my WR426. I am racing desert races now and I am getting great starts as well, "Holeshots" and up front with the leaders. Oh wait, that's me. :thumbsup:

You might want to try a YZ450 pipe. I just got one from my brother and put it on my WR450. I didn't have to rejet because I was already running without the plug in the WR pipe. It weighs about half as much and is only slightly louder (than an uncorked WR). The YZ pipe is longer but I shortened it 3" and it is now the same legnth as the WR pipe. You should be able to pick one up for around $40-$50 if you keep your eyes open. It's a whole lot cheaper that any aftermarket system. But, if you gotta have the bling-bling, that's another story.

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