426 light kit / cam shaft caps

Late last year I was on this site and asked about a light kit for my 426. Someone had a used one they were getting rid of in the spring. Is this individual still out there with the kit? If so please contact me. Also another individual wanted the cam shaft caps from my old 426. I have them still if you are interested.

There is a BD dual sport kit for the wr426 on ebay.

I could use a pair of cam caps as spares. What ya' want for 'em.

I could use a pair of cam caps as spares. What ya' want for 'em.

Use caution with the cam-caps. If you are referring to the caps that have 2 bolts each for securing the cams down, they are machined as a set with the head. Chances are that if you interchange these, you may not have any noticeable problem, but the potential for a problem is there!

I know. I would have them machined to the head and cam b4 using them. I already had a cam journal repaired by ED.

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