Hot Cams W/Decompressor for the YZ426.... :)

The first real test of the new Hot Cams with the Decompressor Exhaust Cam was conducted in a 4 hour terrain torture test this past weekend. All I can say is WOW!!!

My 426 now holds the revs longer and harder in the steep terrain and the power delivery is all the way thru the power band ....Not Just in the Middle..... I stalled it a couple of times (once on purpose) in some pretty knarley stuff, just to reach down and light it off again with one stroke of the kicker. PURRRRFect.... Bump starting is effortless and works everytime.

I have cancelled the next scheduled upgrade at this point (The Power Now Device) as I already have the power I need.

Now onto the Automatic Clutch upgrade.....

Thanks Hot Cams.....You just saved me from spending another 6K on a 450F for awhile longer.... The fun has returned.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

Hey where did you get your cam,directly from HOT Cams or ?.Also how much did it set u back?I'm seriously considering that cam beacuse it's made for the 426 and not the 450(chain pitch?).The stock cam has plenty of power for my old bones,but starting the thing w/o a milk crate and be a beeootch!!

Thanks Hot Cams.....You just saved me from spending another 6K on a 450F for awhile longer.... The fun has returned.


You are very welcome. :thumbsup:

Yamakaze, good to hear you like your new cam! I am sure that Hot Cams makes a nice product with a better gring than the 450 cam.

Motocris, Your concerns are unfounded regarding the chains pitch. The width of the chain changed nothing else. There have been no failures to this point and if there was one, TT would be the first to let it out. Now you do have an option but to have waited after it was tested and proven and even endorsed by some online yamaha parts distributors is foolish!

I must agree with you the cams in tandum work great. Although the directions suck service from Tony is great. One tooth on the exh side off and you'll be scratching your head. Once it's right on it's worth every $. I recomened having someone who knows whats up around if its your 1st time in the motor. It's not real tricky but it does help. Get a small pencil magnet around those frigin half circle retainers do fall alot. :thumbsup:

I really could not tell you what the cost was because my sponsor picked up the tab. I requested the cams not because the bike was lacking power, but because the cams make the power more managable and definately spread it out over the entire band much more evenly. Cornering is much smoother and I've actually shaved my lap times a good bit.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I had better get off my :awww: and get mine installed now that I have the correct shims. Restarting with the manual decompression during a race is a pain in the :devil:

I got a pretty good deal on mine from :thumbsup:

Did you change only the exhaust cam or did you change both cams? Sounds like they're a different grind from stock so I'm curious to hear if they work well as a one-cam drop in, or if you need both to get good results.

I bought direct from HotCams and the price is just over 300 after shipping. I haven't tried the stock cam w/the auto-decompression cam. I wanted to "unleash the power" of the new intake. I would say the power curve is changed from stock but I was supprised. The power comes on with a fuller feel and seems to rev through to power band quicker. Maybe it's me but the mid range hit is there but not as hard. It really does feel fuller and smoother from bottom to top. I haven't had much time to test the bike but I don't think I'll be putting the stock intake back in. It's like drinking coffee the power is more robust and smoother in taste. :thumbsup:

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