Maxxis tires

has anyone used the Maxx Cross IT tire (intermediate terrain)? I'm thinking of trying one out....what type of riding did you use it for and what did ya think about it?

I have heard lots of good things about these tires including wear and price. I heard they work great on So. Cal tracks. I just ordered a pair from for under $100 shipped.

The Lates Mx Actin or Dirt Bike Mag (Cant Remember Wich one)has a comparison on the top brands. Maxxis pulled its own against perelli, dunlop and others. Suggest getting the Rag and looking it over.

But I ditto on the Maxxis, heard good reviews

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I have the rear tire. It grips good and its predictable.

Funny you should ask. I just got one a couple of weeks back. I was at the races and had a Dunlop 756 on the back that got trashed on the pavement section of a local G.P. The 756 would not hook up and the Maxxis truck was there at the race. I decided anything with square edges was better than what I had on the bike!! I bought the Maxx Cross IT for my mighty 426.

Typical practice here in So Cal with the clay we are so lucky to have....muddy. I have to honestly say that I did not expect too much from the tire. I was pleasently surprised when I went out for practice and the thing hooked up!! I was even more surprised when the track dried out a bit. I could not keep the front end down coming out of corners. It worked VERY well. It worked so good that I went back to the Maxxis truck after my races and bought another one to put on the 125.

Keep in mind that I'm not a pro caliber rider but I'm a 46 year old guy who rides the 40+ master class. This is my evaluation of the tire: it worked ok on the softer parts of the track but worked great on the loamy and harder portions of the track. It hooked up whether I was cornering or going straight.

So far, I've only tried the rear tire. I'll try a front when I need to replace the tire currently on the bike.


Thanks for the info guys.....I'm thinking of putting a 756 Dunlop on the front and the Maxxis on the rear.......The 739G's are only lasting me two to three months tops and are costly....any opinions on the wear of the long did it last ya?

What width rear do you guys use with the Maxxis? 120 or 110? Does the 120 rub the silencer?


I honestly don't know how long it will last you. It obviously depends on the conditions you ride in. I have 3 practices and 6 motos on the Maxx Cross IT and the knobs are still very good. The front edge is now showing just a small bit of rounding. I would say it is as good or better than any other tire I have used.

If you are going to be out trail riding on hardpacked dirt or rocky areas I would try the Maxx Cross HT hard terrain tire. Friends of mine who ride the desert here in So Cal like them and say they hold up well.


I have only used the 110 tire. I was thinking about trying the 120 next go around. It is only about a half inch wider than the 110. As long as your muffler is straight it should be ok. The extra width should add for some extra hook up.

Check them out here


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The rear tire is great. I was pulling the front end all day in the mudd while my buddy on a 125 was struggling to keep the bike up. However be careful on the width. Unlike the michilins, when the width increased the hight also increases. If you have a new chain it can rub on the linkage and destroy your mud flap. I had to splice another link and masterlink in mine.(not cool)But performanve wise the tire is awsome. I have five rides on the tire in every type of condition and the tire is still 90%

for softterrain to upper level intermediate terrain, the maxxis surcross tires are the best in my opinion. i use them almost EVERYWHERE and they work awesome. 110/90/19 in the back an 80/100/21 up front.

I have been using them a year with very good luck this last week none were available so i went back to the D756 front and rear.I think the Maxxis rear matches the D756 every where but it works better in hard pack.Same with the front.

My 120/19 Maxxis IT arrived last night...OMG!!! That tire is huge, looking forward to getting it on there..will get to break it in on the groomed Cooperland track on Saturday...mmmmmm...roost!!

The pattern really does look like a 756, if it works like one, I will be buying more of these tires..and at 56$ to my door in 4 business days from Rocky Mtn..that's a deal in my book. Jason

I've been looking for a replacement tire for the stock ones and since I don't have a brand loyalty , I think I'll get the maxxis and try it out. I'm going to get the soft terrain tire, I think it's the surcross. I'll let you all know how it does, from a new rider point of view. Glad I read this thread.

Originally posted by Jason in KC:

...OMG!!! That tire is huge,

I've never heard it put that way before!! :)


Jason, it was only $56 to your door....I show they retail for $47.99 (is that what you paid)....they only charged you $8.00 or so for shipping? Bob's charged me something like $20 bucks last time (and It will be the "last time")......

Shipping on a tire is 7-8 dollars through UPS. If you are being charged more than that, you're being overcharged. charges i think 7.50 for shipping, per tire. I've never paid over $8 through anyone for tire shipping (each).

I just rode with Maxxis IT's and they seem to work better (Dunlop 739) for the track I ride on. I ride at Lake Elsinore, CA and these bad boys hook up! I actually was long arming it out of corners because it hooked up soo much. the front grabs just fine were I was having problems with the front washing out. I run a 120/90/19 on the rear too. Man, its sweet!! Big fatty hooks up! :)

Hey J_Bone I have a set of the Maxxis IT's on back order from Rocky Mountain and I was wondering if I should go with the 120/90/19 rear. How does it fit? Does it rub the muffler? I run a 50t sprocket with stock chain length. Would I have to make the chain longer so the tire would not rub the mud flap? Thanks for any info....

even with the rear wheel adj. as far foreward is possible, it shouldnt contact the mudflap, unless you back your bike up, sometimes the flap catches, buy a 96 mudflap, its stiffer.

The "expert" review on the Maxxis front was not as strong as the rear tires due to the fact that the sidewalls and case on the front tire is stiffer. This is from Maxxis rep Mike Farmer. I found the tire construction to be ideal for a 400/426 with a heavier (than 2 stk) front end. They are in the process of being redeveloped. Keep in mind that a stiffer sidewall dunlop is spec'ed for the 400/426. The hook-up on the rear tire was very noticable. I never gave the front tire any thought. Wear seems to be very good and still hooks up pretty well. If they last as long as a dunlop or bridgestone but are 15 to 20 bucks cheaper, why waste your money?

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