Maxxis tires

Hey dmxracing,

I run a 50T also, but I do have a Renthal chain that was sized for a 49T sprocket. It fits just fine with no problems! I would say get the 120/90/19! :)

The front works great too! I like them alot.

Thanks Ernie, I do have a way w/words..hehe

We rode at Cooperland this past Saturday, side note, if you haven't ridden this place..YOU MUST!

That sandy, reddish soil was groomed so nice it was unreal. The 120 Maxxis worked great, the sidewall on this size tire makes it look like I have an 18in mounted up.

I was able to run 9lbs of air, the sidewall is stiff. We rode for 4-5 hours and the track was breaking in real good, didn't even knock off the fresh edge of the tire. It had very good hook up and cornered very predictably, no sudden slide outs or anything. You could drift out the rear and bring it back all under full power.

It did rub on the flap and come in contact w/the pipe, not the silencer but the pipe right before the juncture to the silencer. I like this tire and for the price which was 47.99 plus 8$ to ship...I will buy more of these Maxxis meats. Jason

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