Justifying the cost of 2 pounds

I had an interesting vacation at Disneyland. My Son and I were looking at some pretty trick Honda Si's at Balboa Park Costa Mesa. I noticed some had Carbon Fiber hoods as well as Carbon Fiber Fenders.

My Son is somewhat a Guru on the Civic so I asked how much would one of the CF Hoods would cost. He has already priced one out for his 2000 Civic Si for just about 400 bucks.

I said Hummmm, That’s kind of strange when DrD is asking 400 bucks for 3/4 less carbon fiber..

Hummm I thought, Wonder where the Cost Justification is for a 400-dollar air box vs. a 400-dollar Hood on a Civic.

Wonder if there is engineering cost? Hummmmmm

I figured there is at least 3/4 more material on the hood but it cost the same.


Less Material 400 Bucks

More Material 400 Bucks

2 pounds = 400 bucks for YZ

10 pounds = 400 bucks for Civic

Hummmmmmm :)

It just seems strange to me that a Carbon product with 3/4 more material would cost just as much as a product with 3/4 less material.

I would factor in Engineering cost, but still, this is a bit Hummmmmmmmmm

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Every skippy in SoCal with a Civic wants a carbon hood. What's that mean? It means that more carbon hoods are going to be sold, and therefore the production run(s) will be larger. More units made= less per unit production cost. Also, the manufacturing process maybe a little easier on the hood than it is on the airbox.

One other thing..

There are varying grades of carbon fiber. Some are much cheaper to manufacture than others.


Ya i figure that the production rule would come in. So if that is the case then why are not yz's being sold for less after the initial cost of Manufacture and Engineering is met?

Just like anyother product, Demand brings up the price, if no one wanted it then prices would drop.

Agree all the Ricers want em or steel em :)

My point is just to make a practical question on justifing the cost of material. Agrree there is diferant componds and make up of the fiber itself, but I still would argue the cost make up is minimul

Just a thought....

I am not blasting DrD or his product, I personally feel the cost is a bit steep for 2 pounds, I can loose 10 pounds quicker from diet and I save Jumbo Jack Monies :D for later.

Personally I think if you need to save the 2 pounds then do it. I just posted for a Hummm Thread fro those that may be in the wings trying to figure or justify. After all we live in a capitolist society and money works, if ya got it spend it if you maunuafacture it take it (Money)

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What it all comes down to is what people will pay. It is obvious to me that $400 for a carbon fiber air box is extreme but the price has been set and that is what we are willing to pay. Look at exhaust systems, there is no way it costs anything close to $400 to build one of these but that is what the first one cost and thats the minimum you will find one. I have heard that ProCircuit 2 stroke exhausts cost them $25 and we pay $170. Either they are smart or we are stupid or both!!! I vote both :)

this kinda ties into the whole production thing, but the only thing you have to worry about when making a cf hood is fit. The airbox on the other hand must not only fit, but meet the claims of superior flow characteristics which are advertised. This requires much more time with r&d testing airflow. The airbox seems more intricate.

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