Encouraging News

I just returned from the latest Desert Advisory Council meeting in Barstow, California. The DAC weighs all concerns when there is a proposed land closure and advises the BLM on what to do. The BLM then decides whether to follow recommendations.

The DAC now has some very capable and level-headed people in some of its positions at this time. They are not buying the extremist view of some in the enviro community. Even some of the environmentalists aren't buying into the nonsense any more. Of 15 members, two are representing recreational interests now. There were none at one time. These people know what they are talking about, and they are not backing down for anyone.

I was very encouraged by what I was hearing at this meeting from them and others who are not even recreationalists. But the fight is far from over. It is time to bury this extreme environmental agenda with a big push by an organized off-road enthusiast show of force. It seems it will take a united voice to undo years of abuse at the hands of said environmentalist groups. They will not take this lying down.

In a week or so, I will post some links where you can monitor the progress and find out when meetings are held. Any Californians who can make these meetings will definitely help the cause. This time we need to get involved, because we are really in a corner right now, and whatever works in California will be exported to other states and used there.

Stay tuned.


This may sound bad, but I don't know how else to put it. Those hudge fires that have been burning for a while now are horrible, but if anything good comes out of it, it will be related to what one forrestry official said on a news blerb that I saw. They said that the forrestry service now spends %40 of their budget on law suits. They also said that "part" of the reason that the fires were so bad was that they have been unable to do controlled burns in part because of these law suits and other related issues. This gives me hope that it will soon become bad politically for a polotician to be associated with the eco extreemists. If anyhing good at all comes out of this mess, hopefully it be a tarnishing of the eco extreemists image in the public eye. Of course I never want fires like this to ever happen and I really feel for anyone who ends up with a loss of any kind due to the fires, but I hope that at least something good comes out of it all.

Dan, glad you made it to the DAC. I was unable to attend but many members of the American Sand Association were there as well as Corva and the Blue Ribbon Coalition. The meetings I've been to have all gone towards the off road rights side. This doesn't mean diddly in the real world though. All those members of the Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity are busy writing letters to the people that make the decisions (Local politicians) and have no need to go to the meetigs. They have no need to find out the REAL truth about the desert as they have people like Daniel Patterson and whoever is running the Sierra club feeding them lies. We have a great core of people but the best way to help is to get involved with CORVA, the BRC, SDORC, the ASA, or other pro-offroader group. These guys have the knowledge to repel the lies and get the truth to where it matters. In front of our faces. The opposition to the enviro's is HUGE! They've pissed off everyone from mountain bikers and horseback riders to off-roaders and even hikers. The sleeping giant is awake and about to pick up his club. :)

Roy Denner is the man!

Now your talkin a language this old ex-Ranger can understand. No ya can't kill the dumb bas88rds. I

do believe I could understand that kind of anger though. Discpline your ranks, put very articulate people to do most of the talking. Look just cause your not saying anything don't make your roll any less important. Ya got to be there, they have to see they are causing great harm and also it's just plain unconstitutional. It is your land! Get it back! Then once you do do not allow slobs to trash it. Protect it like it is your own family. This way even if my shot the heck out of body can't lay eyes on it my Grandkids can. You guys can make this happen, don't loose faith, fight like tigers for it then never let them take it back! Godbless and keep ya! oldasdirt :):D:D

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