Difference from 02 to 03 YZf subframes

I am in the process of converting my 02 yz 426 to 03 body work but am wondering what the differences are in the subframes.Would the 03 airbox mount into the 02 subframe??Has anyone had the two subframes sit side by side.I know one of you from overseas did the conversion and used a steel 00-01-02? WR subframe and moved the mounting tabs,right?What else did you do to modify it?how does the seat lay in place?what about the rear fender??Sorry for all the questions but it would be easier for me to have my friend modify the existing subframe if it is close enough...

Thanks in advance...

I too am curious if it could be used. It would save me a bit of money!

The 03 airbox will not fit on the 02 subframe. I just did the swap...I tried every combinaton and the only CORRECT way to do the swap is use the 03 tank, shrouds, seat, subframe, side panels, rear fender and rear brake master.

If you rework the 02 you better know someone who can weld aluminum. Get an 03 subframe from Motorsport Outlet for $150. If you can't afford that then you probably should not be doing the swap.

Anything can be "rigged" but if you want the bike to be right and still easy to work on...do it right.

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