250 or 450

Well here I am again!!

I told a friend of mine that I had written the check for the 450 today. He shrugged and said, "you should have bought the 250".

So, if you haven't lost all faith in my yet, here is my next volley of questions.

I am 6' 240 lbs. Will the 250 haul my but around the track without lugging it's poor little guts out? Will setting up the suspension for my weight help the motor do its job with more ease? Does anyone know what the claimed dry weight of the 250 is? And finally, does my friend present a legitimate argument considering my riding ability (or lack thereof)?

If the bike can handle the girth, I'm thinking it might be the way to go and I'll make the call tommarrow. If not I'll stick with big blue. With the smaller displacement and lighter weight I'm thinking I can stop concerning myself with who is faster than I am (which is pretty much everybody), and start enjoying my time with my friends.

What's the verdict?


It will honestly handle it, there is a guy that races around my area that is prolly over 300 easy. The guy that did the suspension work has springs in it that are like 3 or 4 rates heavier than the 426 stock rates. This is one big boy on that bike and it carries around fine.

What is your buddy's reasoning for telling you to buy the 250? The only reason I would change from my 426 to a 250 would be for the weight.....and yamaha has reduced the weight of the 450 considerably...I'm aroumd 190 lbs. and have no trouble handling the 426 (and I'm not that great a rider)...... If you skills are byond a "beginner" I would get the big bore......

JT, 02'426, Pro tapers, Applied clamp, Devol rad. gds, e-line skid, ProMoto Billit S/A (saving for a TA), lots of worn out tires........

It will handle it, My son has a 2002 250 my butt is 220 now 205 and 6'2" wieght still going, but the 250 handled it whn I was bloated and full of poop :)

My question would be, I felt very cramped on the 250, less on the 426. The bike is a bit small for us over 6'

I would say the 450 simply becouse of power and size...

Get the 450,

The 426 was the first bike I ever owned and I've learned to ride it pretty well. I'm 175 lbs, 5'11". The only thing I dislike about the 426 is the weight, and they have shaved off quite a bit of that on the 450.

Go with the larger displacement. My first and only bike so far is the 98 400. I know it isn't quite the same power as the 426, but it was pretty "user friendly" for me and the learning curve really wasn't that great. I'm far from being an expert rider, but have NO regrets getting the larger bike...

If you ride mostly MX, get the 250 and get a 52 tooth sprocket. That will give you the punch you need without having to fan the clutch all the time. You'll appreciate the lighter weight on the track. The 450 will be lighter but it's still not light enough. For what its worth, I'm going back on a 250 this year.

Wait a minute, are you talking about the 250f or the 250 two- stroke? I think I goofed. I was talking about the 2-stroke.

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Echo1101 - I'm 6'4", 240 in gear and my YZ250F screams with me on it. I haven't had the bike long, 1 month, and I'm still riding it with the stock pipe!

I choose the 250F strictly over a 426F for the weight difference. Bothe are excellent bikes!!

Good luck on your decision!!

I haven't ridden the 250, but since I ride completely for fun I would have a really hard time giving up the 426 for anything smaller. The power that this thing has gives me such a big smile that I really don't care if I'm the fastest, I just have the most fun. :)

Thanks to everyone on the replies!!

I,m setting up a day next week to ride my friend's 250f on a track down in Tucson AZ.

Having been on the larger bikes, this should give me the final nod.

I'll let everyone know, and thanks again.

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