426 head on 400 cylinder??

I got a line on a good deal for a 98 400F, but the head is junk after it dropped a valve. I have access to a 02 426 head, but my question is will it work on the 400 cylinder?

I may get a 420 kit for the 400 since the cylinder needs replating anyway so that would make up most of the difference in the bore size. Thanks!

I'm pretty sure the only difference is the cylinder bore and the titanium valves. It should work if you do a 420 bore kit. :thumbsup:

Be warned, depending on what came apart and how much it spun after the parts got into the motor, you may need more parts than just the piston, head and cylinder.

Another option is to check with www.enginedynamics.com They work miracles with heads that you would think are junk. Its worth a call.

the head is junk....so does anyone know if a 426 head will work on a 400 cylinder??? will be going with a 420 kit.


it will work

Do you know from experience or what?


Not to threadjack but if you need a 400 head...I have one from a 99 WR400 if you need one. Give me an email at rlmeskimen@msn.com


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