Fat Lady video

A month or soago someone posted a lnkto the fat lady video.This is a video with a fatlady riding like a 76 KX. Does anyone have the link to this? I am dying to show this to some buddies and can't find it.Thanks

Stoner, if you give me an email adress, I'll send it to you. It's about 0.5 meg big.

Just jump over to the WR426 page here on TT and go to the movies link and it is in there along with some good helmet cam footage of a guy on a YZ426.

Cory :)

I'm at work and I sat here and watched that fat lady about 100 times. You know what was SO funny that my co-worker noticed? The lady is freakin BARE-FOOT!!!!!! She looked like some hillbillies gramma' :)

yup, it's still funny :)

I said the lady in the video was Bambislayer's girl and I think they're related!!

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