wheel bearing question

Since I still have a broken tank :) I had some time to work on the bike this weekend. I removed the frong wheel bearings to regrease them and I could not find a way to get them out without tapping on the inner race. Does anyone know how to get them out without hitting the inner race?

PS-> I Used one of those $3 bearing greasers from the parts store (two cones with a zerk in the middle) and wow that thing works great! I very highly recommend them!

bearing puller? that may work if you are careful... but may destroy the bearings.

All it is is a handle with a kind of mishaped triangle on the end. You put one end under the bearing, and the other end acts as leverage on the other side of the bearing. Worked like a charm when I took my rear bearings out.

Sirthump, you might just want to change them out. I re-greased mine and I got about another 4 rides out of them, then noticed I had a good 3/8" of wobble in the front wheel. I swapped them. If you have a bearing house nearby, you'll be able to save yourself a ton of money on the bearings. Its a standard bearing, and the number is on the stocker. I think I paid 12 bucks each from rocky, then found them for $3.50 at a bearing house by accident. There should be a 4 digit number on the bearing. Check it out.

Ditto With Shawn, no reason to by OEM you can get case harden for 1/3 the price at a bearing house saving big bucks

Thanks guys, I'll keep and eye on it to be sure they don't get loose. They had some (very little) grease on them when I removed them but I had some spare time and figured I may as well grease them now and forget about it for a while, I just hope I didn't hurt them while removing them.

Do buy the bearing with new carriers?

Coyote the wheel bearings are sealed replacable units. You remove the whole thing and throw it at the nearest greenpeace supporter. Dont worry about the dumbass moving, he'll be hugging a tree and will never know whats happening. :)

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