XR600 front wheel go on a XR650L?


I am trying to rebuild a front wheel. I am going to special order the rim but had a few ?s & hoped someone here might know the answer.

Will the XR600 front bolt up to my XR650L?

Can you tell me the difference (front wheel only) between the XR650L & the XR600. I know the spoke count is different but what else? Oh & no speedo drive right?

Are the hubs the same? (I know the brake rotors are diff.& the hubs since the spoke count is different.) If so then will the rotor (XRL)go on the hub(xr600)?

Has anyone tried this combo?




Sounds like a good legitimate question, so why do you have it labeled "ADVERTISEMENT" at the beginning ? :thumbsup:

Uh no idea must have hit a button I will edit.


I also forgot to mention a person by the tag panzerpilot said they had a rim. I have sent a few messages but no response, are ya out there?

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