what is my XR worth?

Recently I got a XR 600 planning on using it to dual sport. Well on the first ride I realized I like the trails a lot more then the road and the bike is a lot more weight and power then I need in the tight woods. I am thinking of getting either a 250f or some sort or maybe a 2stroke KTM (still not sure the weight saving is worth the smoking though). The bike is set up really nicely but where I ride I never get past third gear or use over ¼ throttle even on the steepest hills so it seems overkill. I have been doing downhill mountain biking for years which probably adds to it feeling so big and heavy.

Anyway, I am wondering what my bike would be worth.

94 XR 600

1990 CR 500 inverted forks(came with expensive looking new front wheel, CR brake)

Was told the front and rear suspension has been done but can’t verify it.

FMF pipe with White Silencer, aftermarket filter.(all I can see but it runs real strong so I wouldn’t be surprised if more has been done)

Have receipts from a recent top end rebuild.

Aftermarket disk guard, chain guide, IMS pegs, and a few other trinkets.

New O-ring chain and sprockets.

New gripper seat.

Aluminum bars, hand guards.

No lights on it.

I would describe the condition as well used but taken care of.

One thing I need to figure out: I rode it twice and everything was fine. Changed the oil with castrol and the next 2 rides it smoked bad for about the first 30 seconds. Should a different oil make it do this? The only other thing that changed at the same time was me putting the kick stand on so it is sitting in the garage at an angle instead of straight on the stand. I wouldn’t think either of these would make a difference. Assuming I figure this out, and it doesn’t need some engine work, what should I ask for it?

Is the oil being measured hot? Assuming the 600 is also a dry-sump motor, if there is too much oil, that could cause smoking (and a ton of other problems.)

With a recent top-end rebuild, if the smoking is not related to oil overfilling, then that would be indicative of another problem with the top end. Seeing that it happens only after the bike has sat, it sounds like it might be defective valve guides where oil leaks past them and into the cylinder when it has time to collect without instantly being burnt off. This would deduct a considerable amount from the value even if the top and has already been serviced. In fact, I think when a seller says "the top end has been rebuilt," most people cringe because it is indicative of excessive wear or high mileage. (While not always being so.)

I'm by no means an expert, but if I were looking at a bike with conditions and use as you say, I'd expect to pay about a grand for it if the valve seats need replaced, otherwise about $1000-$2000, depending on the actual wear. It being well used and the top end possibly needing rebuilt again are the limiting factor here. All the goodies are nice, but if they are old and worn... have the fork seals ever been replaced for example? They are 14 years old...

For some perspective, I bought a stock '94 XR650L for $2700 in excellent condition. I'm still expending considerable time and resources in "preventative maintainence," really that means "critical maintainence." Like replacing the deteroriated fork fluid with fresh, eliminating the +/-0.030" travel in the rear suspension by replacing the shock bearings, new tires, etc. All this adds up and frankly, I'm scared to see the total...



What part of the country are you in? :thumbsup: I am interested in the XR as it is.

I have a 600 for sale, a 96 with updated red plastic, 628 kit, IMS tank, dual sport kit. motor and trans rebuilt two years ago, a great dual sport bike even though the wiring needs to be gone through cuz none of the blinkers work but thats never been a problem for me. I just need to get rid of it so im not gonna work on it, $2000 obo, send me a message, i am in so cal.

I'm in Portland Oregon.

The top end was done by a dealer and from the paperwork it looks like everything was replaced. There was not smoke at start up the first 2 rides so I wonder if the guides could go bad that quick. Like I said, I started using the kick stand at the same time so I was wondering if the different angele could cause oil to get through a bad guide, if they are bad. Whatever it is I will figure it out and fix it so I am mainly curious what it's worth assuming no start up smoke. It doesn't use any oil so I guess everything else is tight.

The bike is really set up nicely so I hate to get rid of it but it just isn't right for where I ride. It has a lot of modifictions which work well but I am not sure if that makes it worth more then one that is more or less stock.

Im in Cleveland Ohio, thats a little too far. :thumbsup:

Wanna know how simple your answer is? You used castrol. I cant explain it but the same thing has happened in 3 bikes owned by me/my dad (2 XR200, 1 XL350), its like it eats away all the old buildup that was sealing things up or something, anyways, i wouldnt worry too much, only ever seen this with castrol, must be some good detergents or something in there. JR

My old 650l and 600l did the same thing(cold start oil smoke).sadly only a overbore cured them.

That's interesting that Castrol did the same thing to two bikes! Did the bikes eventually stop smoking on the Castrol? If not will changing to another oil fix it?

I believe what he was saying it's not the oil (brand) that was causing the smoke ,but that the oil was fresh and thinner than the sludge that was in it before.You didn't mention the condition of the oil you drained. :thumbsup:

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