04 WR450 Battery

Has anyone experinced problems with their battery? I have had mine trickle charged several times. Won't hold a charge! It will turn the bike over fine the first time I attemp starting but then it's too low to turn the starter fast enough. It does recharge after running the bike for a while but then I have the same problem. I have had this problem since Feb when I bought The bike. It this just a problem with the bike overall or is the battery just faulty? My DRZ never had this problem!

A lot of the 03's suffered from weak/faulty batteries. If you leave it on a battery tender during the week and that doesn't resolve it, I'd say replace that sucker! Mine has been rock solid and I've never put it on any kind of charger. :thumbsup:

I used to work as a mechanic at a Yamaha dealer and we were always warned to check those maintenance free (M/F) batteries berfore their first use. If they didn't meet a minimum voltage threshold (I think it was 12.8v) they had to have a charge from a specific M/F capable charger. If they didn't measure up and were just put into service then they would be crappy from day 1. It sounds like someone at your dealer didn't give the bike a proper Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) before they turned it over to you.

170 miles on my new 04 WR450 and starts right up every time. No problems here.

Thanks for the info. My dealer actually had to get it from another yamaha shop so they didn't assemble it. I'll have to take the battery up to them and see what they can do for me. I race for the shop so I know they will take care of it.

My battery is 18 months old and still cranks pretty good. I hear we can expect them to last only 2 yeears. Has anyone found a replacement battery with more grunt yet? Got to plan for a new battery this winter. :thumbsup:

Mine wouldn't hold a charge when I got my WR. I finally broke down and got a replacement from the dealer. Now it stays topped off. I put the charger on and it's full within a matter of minutes. :thumbsup:


My battery is dead as can be. I'm taking my bike in next week. I've only had it 4 weeks....

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