Forum for small 2 strokes?

Hey fellow thumpers,

I bought my son a used kx-60 this weekend. The clutch doesn't fully disengage when I pull the clutch in. And yes I have adjust both sides of the cable JIC you ask. :)

I'm suspecting the plates my be sticking due to grooves in the basket. I just want to ask some owners of these little rides

Thanx in advance.


dont goto :) hahahahahahahaha! i did that during school once, i wanted to look up a back issue and i went to that, boy i about sh!# myself from laughing so hard :D

grrrrrrrreat, NOW dirtrider buys the site! incase ya didn't know it was a nice lil nudey site before

[ July 01, 2002: Message edited by: thumper4life ]

That's kind of how I wound up giving away probably a hundred bikes. People would have then forever sitting in sheds or takin up space in garages. i'd get em back running after they gave it to me and then I'd hook it up to a kid whose parents swore if junior gets hurt it ian't my fault. Sure does make those kids happy, don't take nothing but a little elbow grease from me.

oldasdirt :):D:D

you can also go to and post about just about any form of motorcycle imaginable. It's my site, and it's new, and unpromotoed, but the more proplr visit it the better resource it will become :-) ( it's totally free like this wonderful Thumpertalk forum)

Check it out

(I'm still doing allot of work to it, so look for pictures and articles in the future to compliment the forums)

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