clarke tank with stock gas cap (last question I promise)

I just got my new clark tank (YAHOO!!). The bad news is I'm sitting at work. Anyway, they did not send a gas cap with the new tank and the neck looks slightly different than stock (there is no clear plastic insert in the neck). I assume the stock gas cap works with this tank, but I wanted to ask you all to be sure so that I can order one before I leave work today if I have to. :)

Matt, the OEM cap works. Im not even sure what that white insert does. I have a Clarke on my bike too, went through two OEM tanks before I bought the Clarke. My scooter is in the shop again, clutch basket problems, should be up and runing this week though.

My Clarke came with and OVERSIZED cap.

Nice ........a lot easier to undo because of leverage.

You may want to call and ask if it was supposed to have one. :)

My Clarke tank uses the stock gas cap, and the clear liner that is in the stock tank isnt needed on the clarke tank.

My Clarke tank came with a cap, too. The stock cap fits just fine but I like the Clarke cap better.

Those guys at Clarke need to get it together. I had a couple of "customer service" problems with my last order. Nothing major and they squared it away in the end, but I wonder sometimes what they are thinking. I guess they mean well...

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