04 WR450F Headlight Switch?

Anyone know where I can locate one? Did the 03 WR450's have a light switch. If so I'll just order a 03 light switch. :thumbsup:

Yes, the 03's have a on/off switch for the lights stock. You might try asking some 03 WR owners that have installed a dual sport kit if they'll part with theirs. I'm sure there has to be some floating around here somewhere.

I incorporated mine back into my bike so I could reroute the AC power to the headlight instead of DC.

well looked on partfish.com and they want $37.95 for a headlight switch for the 03 WR450. Was hoping to find something a little cheaper for just a switch. :thumbsup:

Start a thread in the Parts forum that you're looking for a WR 250F/450F light switch, any year. I sold my WR switch to a TT'er in Montana under similiar circumstances. I swapped out to a Warrior (Yamaha quad) switch setup to get hi/lo headlight, kill switch, and horn button (start button on the Warrior switch) all in one unit aiming for a cheap dual sport conversion. I run narrowed ProTapers so space is at a premium.

It's just too bad the "high/low" means high as in up, and low as in down. I did that on my wr 426 and started signaling planes to land. Although I did install the stock 426 switch on my 07 450 and it works perfect. It's a good idea for night riding incase someone is lost and you need get to the top of a ridge and flash signal.

I didn't even know that any of them even had a switch. i was trying to figure out a way to wire a on-off switch to mine so i didn't have to have my lights on all the time. if they sell a switch then problem solved. mine's a 04 wr450f. does it just plug in?

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