Tank Graphics Question

Has anyone figured out a trick to keep your tank graphics from turning brown from gas fumes? Or can they be made white again? :thumbsup:

Sorry to hi-jack this post but, Has anyone found aftermarket graphics that don't bubble? My Factory FX ones look like they have acne.

No problem about the hijack, have not found any that want bubble but someone did teel me and it seems to work, while you have your bike in storage, garage or porch, if you will loosen your gas cap some so that the fumes can escape it will not bubble as bad. One thing just don't forget to tighten it back up before you ride it makes for a big mess. Did that once and i thought it was raining until i realized what i had done. :thumbsup: Now i take off my bar pad and set it on the seat so that i know the tank cap is loose...

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