Swing Arm Paint?

I've gotten a few more scuffs/scratches on the swingarm than I can stand. I was going to sand out the scratches but before I started, I wanted to know if the factory paint was available to refinish it. I was hoping for the factory paint because I may not remove it completely since the scratches are only on the outer portion of the arm. I was thinking I could just mask off the rest of the arm and surrounding bike areas and paint the outer surface. Anybody done this on their bike?

I am pretty sure that PJ1 makes a paint that will match yuor swingarm. But instead going though all the trouble of masking it off and repainting it you should strip the rest of the paint off. it will be silver and it looks alot cooler. I stripped my swingarms, clutch cover, ignition, waterpump cover and my oil filter cover it takes some time but it looks alot better i think. and it saves weight,how much exactly i dont know if you want to know what the swingarms will look like, look at any works Yamaha bike or a Yamaha of Troy bike. the factory sends swingarms to them without any paint so it must save enough weight to be worthwhile.

What did you use to strip the paint?

Tried and tested,

the best method for removing those nasty scratches and pesky marks

Scratch Remover

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