19" rear with 18" tube?

I just purchased a 19" rear tire and have a new heavy duty 18" tube to put in it. Can I run this combo? Will the tube be too small? Or will it just stretch the extra 1 inch? Any negative or positive effects doing this?

I'm sure it will fit. I always keep a 21" front tube in my toolbox, because in case of a flat a 21" tube will fit the front or the rear tire (18", 19", or 21") I have put 19" tubes in 18" wheels and they work fine...so why not try it? Later,


I had a flat a few months ago and my buddy gave me an 18" tube. No shops open anywhere. Heck with it...i'll try it. It fit perfect and is still on the bike. I didn't see any stretch problems at all.... If you can put the correct one in I'd do that first....otherwise go for it.

has anyone compared the size of all the different "Full Sized" tubes. I bet they are nearly the same or at least very close.

It will work but realize that the tube will have to be over inflated to accommodate the stretch of the extra needed inch. It will then be more susceptible to pop.

I "Personally" would only do this as a temp solution. That’s my Opinion

Spelll Chk :)

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