MXA's report on the new 450

Hey Mark_UK

They say "When the dust storm comes the Devil brushes his teeth to avoid the awful build up of plaque and thus avoiding tooth dacay"

Kick me the &%$#@! off already...The info on here MAYBE could have been more beneficial to me when I was 16 but you guys look to idiots like EGOA$$WIPE & Co. for your technical advice...Talk about ""THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND"".......PATHETHIC!!!!


You guys are the George Carlins' of the motorcycle world!!!

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The SledgeHammer EST. 1962

01 YZ426F #428 BONE STOCK..It's all I need

should read The SledgeHammer EST. 1962

01 YZ426F #428 BONE STOCK..It's all I can afford

heres my vote

when i joined this place back in the day it felt like more of a family type of environment, where we all "knew" each other sort of. now i fear that if i say something of my own oppinion i will very soon, be flammed. :)

For what it is worth

Sludgemouth was pretty much the eye-opening factor for me that I needed to calm down and change me ways. The flame contest I got dragged into buy him / It, showed me nothing but how others would perceive me.

I am not one to say ya or nah on banning, due to my past history, but one thing is for sure, you will not find in any of me posts the type of crap this guy is pulling.

As for Kfrosty's & thumper4life's remarks regarding me, sorry guys, only time will tell if I truly mean it..

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Okay, so here we have it. More than a few people have talked about "flames" here recently. Good flames and colorful banter and all that. Well, ladies and gentlemen, what you have before you here is a god honest in the flesh FLAME.

Lord knows what set it off, but it is unmistakable and its essence is utter frustration and a total breakdown of any reasoning capability. It is nothing more than pure unrestrained malice.

Don't feed it.

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