E series Pro Meg questions

I have already searched this and still would like help/opinions. I also know the Thunder Alley is better.

Now that that is out of the way...should I run my pro meg wide open with no discs and no sprak arrestor or should run it with the 12 discs and the sparky? Bike is stock except for 50 tooth rear sprocket.


I thought it hit pretty damn hard just the way it was . Never did experiment with the discs. Maybe ShawnMC would know as it was his to begin with . :)

I can definately notice an improvement. It carburates cleaner. It starts easier. It is sweet. I ended taking the it all off and trying it in the neighborhood, but I think it is better with the 12 discs, besides it is quieter that way. Unfortunately, one of the screws was corroded and stripped out, but it seems fine without it as there are still 5. If I find any problems with this I will retap it and get some more bolts. Thank you for a good pipe.


One nice thing I did like about the Pro-Meg is that you can buy many new parts for it . More discs,screws,different endcaps. Only thing that sucks about selling it is that now when I go out to the Black Hills of South Dakota ( where there is a fire burning right now ) is that I will have to purchase a spark arrestor. I am glad you are happy with the pipe . I didnt own it very long , But it did feel very nice on my bike . But I had to have the Thunder Alley . Now I have to get it all Ceramic coated , as the Thunder Alley is more of a Works style pipe . It has to be Maintained so it doesnt rust. Now all I have to do is figure out when can I go without my bike long enough to send the pipes to Embee. :D:)

If you still have your stock pipe try the PMB endcap. I have one and not only does it look good, but it also can be run open, open with spark arrestor, or spark arrestor and quiet insert which drops it about 5 DBs. It is not bad at $160 either. Cheaper than a new pipe, but for that you could have kept this one. You will figure somehing out. Good luck with the TA.

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