Probably old question, Hard time getting bike into neutral...

This has probably been covered a hundred times but. I have been having a real hard time getting my 03 450 back into neutral after stalling. Its really killing me at the races. I'm going from the front to the back really fast. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or tricks. I just wish the bike would start in gear like the 2 strokes. I put a Hinson clutch basket and a very new clutch installed recently. I know I shouldnt be stalling during a race but it happens. Any help would be great....

I have gone thru this. Try adjusting your clutch cable at the handlebars. This will fine tune the clutch arm. I had to back mine out a few turns to help find neutral easier.(I could only do it when the bike was off) Becareful adjusting as there is a fine line of adjustment before bike creep will occur - meaning the bike will want to roll forward when you are at a standstill with the bike in gear - it will want to surge forward.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

I have a hydraulic clutch, so I am unable to adjust it. Thanks anyways

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