'04 WR450 For Sale, Just over 200 miles on it, PERFECT Condition

Yes, due to a financial crunch I am putting my '04 WR450 up for sale. It is in immaculate condition with very few hours on it. I can email plenty of photos of the bike to prospective buyers. The bike is rock stock with the exception of a Flatlands Racing Skid Plate, and radiator guards. I think I am going to put the stock stuff back on and sell those items seperately. So if you are interested in the skid plate and guards let me know. They are just like the bike, same as new. First $100 takes them, and for an additional $20 I'll throw in a PMB Billet insert, I ran it for one day and didn't really care for it.

I am located in the Northwest Tennessee area and will work with anyone who lives too far out to pick up the bike and needs it shipped to them. I am asking $4800 for the bike, and at that price it should sell. I really cannot stress to you how clean the bike is, it has definitely had an easy 4 months with me. (purchased new on 2-20-04)

Any takers??? I really need to move this bike. If any of you guys know of anyone wanting to buy a new WR it'd be worth their time to check this one out. Thanks...


wouldnt happen to be thinkin about parting it out would you?

Wow, that's cheap. Gutted for you selling it! It should shift at that price. (too far away for me, and I already have one!!)

No doubt that it is a fair price, the added bonus is that it looks better than 99% of the bikes you'll see on the showroom floor. It is THAT CLEAN!!!! I priced it to sell, and I do hate to let it go. :cry:Here are a few pics that I took yesterday.






It's as clean and nice as they get. :up:



Nice ride ColdChillin. I bet it pains you to sell that beauty. Somebody should snatch it up.

Good luck.


Yeah, it really does pain me because that was/is a sweet bike. Just an awesome piece of machinery. I sold it mere minutes ago. The g arage somehow seems "empty". But, it went to a nice guy, and I can always buy another one down the road. Plus, the ol' 12R still puts a pretty nice grin on my face too. :thumbsup:

Congrats (I guess) on the sale. Now you'll have to updae your sig:

'04 WR450 - SOLD

How'd you're wife's bike do? Is it gone too?

Yeah the TTR sold too. The upside is that I now have less stuff to maintain. Of course you all know the downside........ :thumbsup:

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