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After about an 8 year hiatus, I'm finally getting another bike. In order to get one in my price range, I'm thinking about a used WR400 or WR426. I'm just looking for some general tips on selecting a model year. Are there any particular years to stay away from? Any years that are really good? Anyone here live around Boise, Idaho and have a bike for sale? Like I said, I'm just getting back into this sport..coming from a background of racing 2-stroke 250's, but I want a good trail bike now. I'm not interested in racing (yet!)..

I'd go for an '01 or '02 426. They have all the upgraded parts (bigger clutch, bigger rod bearing and wrist pin) and a little better suspension. The '00 426 may have them as well but I don't recall for sure. Having owned one of each my experience has been that each generation of 4xx (400/426/450) has been a significant improvement over the previous one. The 400 is still a good bike but if given a choice I'd go for the 426 (or the 450 if your budget can handle it).

A buddy of mine has a WR426 with a pipe... not sure which one, renthal bars etc...for sale.

We are in Twin and I am coming up to Boise on the 24th.


Hey Hoss, that sounds great. Shoot me an email at and we can discuss further. thanks!

I just bought a '00 WR400 and from what I understand it's the best of the 400 series bikes. If I could have spent another 6-700$ I would have gone for a '02 426 but I just didn't want to spend that kinda money on a toy just for me.

Hey WrFrk, yeah, I'm in the same boat. I want to get a good bike but between house remodelling, being in a rock band, and golfing, I can't afford to drop $6000 on a new wr450. I figure I'll just get a used one now and upgrade to a new one in a year or two. Say, where are the hot places to trail ride around Boise?

Well I'm still trying to figure that one out. I've been up Blacks Creek and above Fort St and up around the Banks area, those were all good spots.


Which rock band you in?


I was pretty heavy into mountain bike racing for years and one of the best xc courses around Boise was in Idaho City. Once I find a bike I'm planning on getting it street legal with that BajaDesigns lighting kit..then just riding up Idaho City from my house on the bench. I think there are pretty established double-track/single track routes to Idaho City up over 8th street.

We're called Play Like Randy. We're in the final mastering stages of our first album, it should be done in the next week or so...I think there is a pre-mastered MP3 on our website...

yeah, the mp3 is at:

My brother manages Exit51 and the Pirqlaters.


Oh wow..small world. Exit 51's new drummer, Joe, is a buddy of mine..and our recording engineer, Andy A, is Exit 51's engineer as well. Funny.

We're going to the concert at the Big Sleazy on the 26th with Papa Roach, E51 and Pirq.

You going?


i hadn't heard about that show to be honest, sounds like a good one. Man, Exit51 is really getting some good shows Your brother must be connected. Hmmmm, we don't have a manager.........

Ok, this is like the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon...

I ride, am in a rock band, have been to Idaho City (ISDE), live in Portland where the record promotion company is (Burnside).

It is a small world.

Ok, this is getting trippy. Hey Ride, does your band have a website?



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