'04/CRF450 vs'00/WR400F

So I was out just screwing around last night in hills behind my home and ran into a guy on a new 450. He really wanted to race me and so I played along even though I knew he would kill me. Well, I was right he smoked me pretty easy. I actually thought my bike would do a little better with the free mods, and the WB exhaust and YZ timming. Oh, well he spent 2 times what I did so I guess he deserves to win. I really wonder what a new YZF450 would do against that bike in a flat straight race.

No one has got the hole shot over a YZ450 yet under equal conditions. YZ450 rules in a straight line. :thumbsup:

You failed to mention the obvious differences in weight between the two bikes AND the two riders. Sounds like you probably had a good 80lbs. on that kid (and that's just the rider!) :thumbsup:

This is probably true.... :thumbsup:

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