We'll try this again...

After reading the report on the new 450 in MXA, I wanted to get opinions on a few things. I think there are plenty of change which seem to be good, but also some which do not seem so good. Opinions please.

The 4 speed thing seems to be a non issue really as it has been reported that with a 50 tooth rear sprocket(a popular upgrade for us)on the 426, the top speed of the 450 and 426 are identical.

The titanium headpipe is cool, but after taking into account the stock bend of it being a mirror image of the 426, I can only wonder how long it will last compared to the steel unit currently available. The silencer is huge and will probably be replaced by most consumers so I do not think it is bad or good.

Good Changes-

-Less weight

-It is a 450

-The coil is now on the spark plug cap.

-The swingarms are no longer painted, but instead have been anodized.

-Handlebar hot start

Bad Changes-

-Less oil

-Less fuel

-The webbing on the underside of the piston has been removed. I assume for weight reasons, but strength has got to be affected too right?

-Crankshaft width has been reduced. See weight/durability tradeoff above.

-The large oil pump of the 426 has been replaced with one off of a 250. I do not know if it pumps the same volume over time or if it is as strong, but downsizing an oil pump on a 4 stroke seems risky to me.

-Smaller rear caliper and integrated master cylinder...look at an 02 CR or CRF for the reason why this is bad

-Last but not least...no more wire mesh oil filters. They now will be paper and I assume throw away items. I wonder how many Scotts will sell now?

Of course other things have changed but these seem to be the items which will delineate the 426 from the 450. Aside from the weight and auto decompression, I will keep my 426. I know that is a stupid statement because the weight loss could have only happend with all of the things listed above, but it seems that these bikes are becoming machines with a delicate balance between weight and durability and I hope that Yamaha knows what they are doing.

Opinions please.

Me Two BambiSlayer

Good points pro and con, I think "personally" I will hold judgment until I see some real world Ride reports. Its hard to speculate and I think thats what MXA is doing based upon white paper information supplied by Yamaha.

All In all I think that too, 4 speeds is a non issue also

The internal engine changes along with changes in calips and so forth, I think you nailed it by stating Yamaha must know what it is doing.

Yamaha got it right numerous times in the last several years, so my money is on them getting it right again. They were bold enough to launch the YZF400, then follow it up year after year with improvements and updates. They still stand alone with the YZF250, and they CLEARLY got that one right. Wait and see is the only way to tell, but the track record is hard to argue.

There were some similar concerns in the CRF group about the lack of a piston skirt. However they are getting decent piston life out of them anyway.

As far as the crankshaft we will have to wait and see.

You can alway look on the positives for keeping your 426. Mainly that most of the new parts that are good might fit our older bikes. I've been wondering if the spark plug coil will fit the 426's if not someone will come up with something close. I also believe that the 450 comes with a larger resevoir(spelling?) on the rear brake to counter the problem that Honda had. I agree the 450 will be limited to the track rather than the great all purpose bike the 426 is, but I guess if you want to ride desert or GP's you'll have to go with the WR. I'm intereseted in what differences will be on the WR. Should be good though.

my $.02

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