Looking for old YZ4200/426 suspension valves

Anyone have their stock suspension valves that they just simply don't want anymore.

I'm asking because I'd like to try them in my WR250F. I currently have the 426 springs in, but valving is still not good enough. I'm not really cheap, just broke.

Can't hurt to ask right?


I have the stock stuff out of a 01 426. Just came out Saturday. Let me know. I have no idea what they are worth, but I will sell them.



I just sent you a PM.

If it is easier, you can email me.



Still looking for TT hospitality. If anyone else can help out here please let me know.


What you are asking for is kind of a stretch, although not impossible. Think about it, how many 426's are out there with no need of suspension? Now, some bikes have been stripped of the engines to be fitted into 4-wheelers so you might get lucky there. Check out E-Bay and the other online auction houses.


I was only asking for the valves. Many people have revalved their suspension.

Looks like I've closed a deal with Bambislayer. Thanks.


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