Any WRF Riding Tips for Me?

What's up guys?

I'm a new owner of a used, well-maintained, race-ready '02 WR426F and looking to get some feedback on gearing, riding position, suspension settings, and the like. I'm a recreational rider, 5'10" and about 200 lbs. with gear.

I've been riding 350 lb. DS machines up to this point only. My first impressions from riding up and down the block are amazing. The WRF seems really twitchy, almost like a 2-stroke. When upshifting I notice the rpms don't really drop even with the 15-47 gearing on it. Plus the steering angle feels steep. Kind of reminds me of a high-end mountain bike with a wicked motor tucked inside the frame.

The bike's been race-built and has too many mods to mention so what I'm after is some riding info from the group on how I should set the bike up and what to expect when I ride this blue blaster on the trails. This is my first "dirt only" bike and I can't wait to try it out.

Thanks in advance.

Does it have an aftermarket tank?


Yes, it has the IMS 3.4 tank with a gripper seat cover on the stock (I think) seat. It also has Renthal Fat Bars and a GPR steering stabilizer on the front end. It has an Acerbis number plate, no lights and the rear fender is from a YZ.

It also has the grey wire mod (clipped?) done, throttle stop screw cut down and the transmission was repaired due to a failed 3rd/5th gear dog.

The bike runs great. Just a little bit rough at idle, but no hesitation when you whack the throttle. Just good clean POWER!

Can't wait to go riding!

My bike exactly except I have the Zipty tank and One Industries gripper seat. :thumbsup:

I had to fool with the suspension clickers to get them where I wanted... but I am 240... stock didn't work!!

My FMF Powercorecore IV2 really helped... IF you don't have a pipe.

Advance the timing if it isn't done!!!!!


Congrats on your sweet ride !

I would suggest going up on your rear sprocket if you are racing slower more technical (enduro) races. This will help make 2nd and 3rd much more usable.

Without knowing all the mods you have (sounds like most) we won't be able to suggest much there.

I definately suggest you have your suspension setup for your weight. It helps beyond words.

Next, I would sugget, if you haven't done so already, is purchase a steering damper. Won't leave home without it !

Other then that, all that is left to say is....

Buy lotsa rear tires :thumbsup:


Buy lotsa rear tires :thumbsup:

I see on your avatar that you run the s-12. I ran those for a few years and the 426 eats them up... chunk like crazy.

I tried the Bridgestone 402 rear and no chunky!!!

For what it's worth...


I've spent about 6 hours going over the whole bike. It's in pretty decent shape. Just a few scratches and bent components from the ? cartwheels it's had before I got it. I'll probably be adding a few myself.

Additional goodies include beyond my other message are: GPR stabilizer, Dr. D full exhaust, YZ timing & seat (I checked it out earlier), Acerbis hand guards, Devol radiator guards, D739 rear & MT-18 front.

This thing is ready to go, the main reason why I bought it. My riding partner, who also raced this bike when it was new, gave me a 50t rear sprocket and also suggested changing out the 47t.

Thanks guys. I'll just have to ride it and see what works.

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