kickstand ????

I'm looking for a very nice attached kickstand for my YZ. Anyone have some good input on this one??

I've beem waiting for the pro moto billet one for months. They keep saying next week. It looks the best to me. The one from 2-dads looks good. It is all the stock wr parts, with a custom plate to mount them. Here is a link to Patmans review of the kickstand from 2-dads.

Here is a pic.


All of the stock WR parts cost about a hundred bucks at the dealer, I think I could bould the custom bracket myself for under 50 bucks (2-dads gets 150 for the whole thing).

The other options seem to be bracket mounted to swingarm, or drill into swingarm.

I have one that has a similar bracket as in the post above. I got it from baja and paid a little over $100. Been using it for about a year with no regrets.

I also have one like the one pictured above. I got mine from Baja designs. But I paid more than $100. Apperantly the yamaha parts went up in price so Baja had to raise there price. I paid $150. OUCH. but it is a really nice unit. I wouldnt buy one of those swingarm mounted thingy's they are all cheezy looking. This one is really tough. Baja said when I ordered mine (a month of 2 ago) that they were gonna design there own to bring the price down because even at $150 they are just breakin even.

Those Pro Moto Billet stands do look mighty clean. My bike has the works frame guards also. I'm hoping I don't have to remove the left side guard to accomidate the stand.

I was thinking about getting one of the pro moto billet kickstands too. But I have the works connection frame guards that mount to the same place as the kickstand will. I am kind of curious to see if it will be possible to use the kickstand without getting rid of the frame guard.

I smell A Bulk Buuuuyyyyyyy Coming :)

I have the BAJA designs stand like is pictured above using the stock yamaha parts. I also have the Works frame guards. With a little persuation my guards worked with the stand. And by persuation i mean. Install the bolts tighten till the guard bends into submision and beat any parts that stick out back were they belong. It looks better than it sounds.

The kickstand shown in the pic above (2 Dad's Racing) is identical to the one I bought at Malcolm Smith's Motorsports for 120.00 bucks.

Does "2 Dad's" make them for M.S.M.? Why is one 120 and the other 150? :)

Kickstand on a YZ????

Why would you do that?????

Why didnt you just buy a WR?????

Sorry, dont mean to start a flame war, :) I just couldnt resist.

You know how many times over on the WR side we have heard, "Why do you want to do all these YZ mods?" "Why didnt you just buy a YZ?" :D:D:D

Have a nice day! :D

Originally posted by MOmilkman:

Kickstand on a YZ????

Why would you do that?????

Why didnt you just buy a WR?????

No flames, just a reason why I'm putting one on my YZ. I ride the Colorado 500. My YZ is plated and there's lots of parking in parking lots on the ride. Not many trees to lean against in a parking lot. Did it last year and swore I'd have a kickstand this year. :)


So who's gonna start up a bulk buy... I definitely need a stand (tired of the tree thing), Im in... lets get it goin...I sure dont think a kickstand is worth $100... anyone disagree?

This is a reason wh you need a Swing arm on a YZ


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I do not think $150 for the pro moto kickstand is too much. It looks like they put alot of thought into it. Yes it is a little pricey, but you know that saying "you get what you pay for". I was also impressed with their modification to the Works frame guard. They actually came to this website, read our concerns about being able run the kickstand and the guard at the same time, then came up with a solution for this problem. I would much rather buy a product from a company that actually takes an interest in their customers than the many companys that do not.

I think that is the most I have ever said on this website at one time. I don't know what got into me. :)

Originally posted by gearbri:

I sure dont think a kickstand is worth $100... anyone disagree?

I'm not sure I agree.... I'd have given $150 for one in the parking lot of the Gunnison A&W last year. :)

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