Clarke fit blows...

Well, I mounted my new clarke tank tonight. The color is spot on, 10 points for that. However the fit is another story. The left radiator shroud fits fine, just like stock. BUT the right one is way off. I had to bend the shroud so that I could get a screw in each hole. As a result, the radiator cap is now partially covered by the shroud and the shroud sticks out a whopping .75" less on the right than on the left (measuring from the bottom tripple clamp). Also that little black rubber strap took one hell of a stretch to get it on the screw, which doesn't screw in as far as the stocker either. I hope this doesn't crack the tank over time. On the plus side it is thicker than the stocker so maybe it will last better. I would attempt to send it back, but I made the stupid mistake of assuming it would fit perfectly like stock and put gas in it (from the old tank) before I tried to mount it. Oh well, at half the price of the Yamaha tank I guess I can't complain too much, but I was expecting a fit closer to stock. In all honestly I would probably buy this one instead of the stock one given the choice again due to the thickness (definitely thicker than stock) and the price difference, but you bet I'm going to send clarke an email about the fit. Actually if another company sold the same tank I would probably try a different company next time. Oh well, just had to vent, but HEY NOW I CAN GO RIDING!! YAHOO!!!! :)

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