Sidi Vortex Boots?

Someone mentioned awhile back that a dealer told them that the sidi vortex boots were supposed to be good for guys with big calves. Does anyone have these boots? How do they fit?

I am the one who has talked about the Vortex Boots . I talked to a rep from MotoNation . He said they will fit 22 inch calves . I have yet to buy them as I havent came up with the cash . $245 but I want to get them soon . I have 20 1/2 inch calves. :)

And I thought I had big calves. :)

Yeah my wallets just recovering from my last toy purchase and now I am trying to figure out what else I can spend my money on. I'm a sick man. :D

You think your sick / I think I have EBAY-itis !! :)

im still skeptical about the whole fitting big calves thing. :)

im beginning to get frustrated buckling my tech 8's (with extended straps) with the pants tucked in them. i got me some 20"s on me, rollin on "dubs" as they would say in the rap slang :D

DEFINITLY give a fit report for all the big dudes out there as those will most likely be my next choice for boots

I definitely don't have big calves, but am very interested in the Sidi boots. What makes these boots appealing to me is the hinged ankles. My right ankle was the subject of a triple arthrodesis procedure in '96. I'm struggling to use to rear brake from the standing position with my Tech 7's. I need a boot that allows the ankle to pivot back and forth easily.

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I traded my SIDI boots!! They were too small for my calves and my calves are not big!!!!!!! :)

They cut into my calve at the top! I liked there old Tae Flex boot, but the no longer make them. :D

It seemed that plastic plate on the inside would not allow enough space to adjust and it made it feel bulky...GONE! I got rid of them.

Were the boots that you got rid of the Sidi Vortex boots?

No they were the Force SRS.

The Vortex actually look like the have leather on the inside instead of that plastic plate.

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