Oil change question

Sometimes when I change oil, nothing drains out of the frame drain hole. I always drain the crankcase oil first, then the filter (if I'm doing the filter), and then the frame drain.

Yep. If it's been sitting a while you won't get much out of the frame.

My shop manual says to run the bike for 3 minutes to warm up before draining. Wonder if that would make a difference>

you should warm the bike up before changing the oil if you want to get the most oil out as possible.

The 3 minutes is probably a compromise between draining and not overheating the engine.

I like to drain the oil when I'm back from the track (that are 15 to 45 minutes away). The oil easily stays warm for that time for easy draining.

I pretty much start the bike and then run through my prep work to start draining. It usually takes about 5 minutes so the oil is real warm and comes out easy.

you'll also want to get the oil warm and moving to pull all the fine particulates that have settled in the little depressions and imperfections in the case into the oil so it will come out with it, however small and unimportant they are.

Maybe a dumb question but if the bike has been sitting for a day wouldn't _all of the oil_ be sitting at the bottom of the engine already and wouldn't starting the bike push the oil back thru the engine.

I may have the sequence wrong, but what I beleive is thet the pump draws from the frame tank, so if it sits there a some oil will seep thru the pump, filter and into the engine galley, but not all if it. The pump needs to be working to get all the oil out of the frame tank, but then, of course, it will be delivering oil via the engine back to the frame tank.

The engine oil rests in the motor itself. If you have your bike sitting for a long period, pull the frame drain bolt and nothing will come out. I change mine usually after riding and it's warm. However, the oil doesn't (shouldn't) get thinner when warm anyway. I don't think you are going to catch more gunk in the oil whether it's been recently running, or not. The most important factor is the interval & quality of oil.

I always use Yamalube and go every 5 hours on oil & 10 hours on a filter.

As I always say...cheap insurance.


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You are supposed to run it 3 minutes before checking it.

Are you sure about letting it run for 3 minutes? If that's the case, it is to get oil back up ino the frame tank.

The oil all drains into the motor, but the motor isn't designed to hold all 1000 ml's. A portion, is to be stored (while riding) in the frame. When starting your bik normally, or just after an oil change (when you just added all the oil into the motor) let it run at idle for a while to allow time for the oil pump to scavenge the motor and store in the frame. I don't like to rev it too high right after starting.

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