Destroyed engine...the legacy

Well, for all those who read my posts about my munched engine several weeks's the latest.

Embee stepped up to the plate and offered to help with my what extent has not been ironed out yet.

The frame went to Embee to see if it can be flushed and then the motor took a trip to Pro-Valve for an estimate of the damage and if anything was salvageable. I just got word today from Pro-Valve that the motor is a total loss. Nothing can be salvaged in the top or bottom end and would be far too costly in parts anyhow.

So, unless any miracles happen or it starts raining YZ400 engines (that might HURT!), the rest of the bike will be parted out, but I doubt I'd get much for anything with the new bikes coming soon.

Thanks to ALL who gave words of encouragement and to the few guys who actually sent me money towards the cause. You guys are top notch! I am just waiting on Embee now to see what we can work out.

Catch you later.

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Maybe Embee should just buy your whole bike, blown motor and all, for say $3000, or whatever the fair market value is.

thump just list the whole thing for part out on Ebay. I bet you end up surprised. Try cycle news too. List complete rolling chassis or will part. Ive seen guys do that just to make the extra bucks on a very very raced bike.


Shawn and Scott make dang good points you shoudl concider taking them to small claims, hey cost 65 bucks but Ca is 3k I think or 2500.

Ebay is a good choice if ya just dont want the hassle. But personnally I think Embee owes you a bike

Good luck Bra

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Thanks for the info, ShawnMC and ScottF! Maybe you guys are right about parting it out.

EGO, I don't really want to take anybody to court over this. I want to give them a fair chance to make things right. I guess we'll see how it goes!

What happened to the bike? I did a search and can't find your post about it, and why does someone owe you a bike? I'm guessing someone did some work for you and it blew up?


Good luck on whatever route you choose, parting out, or finding an engine on ebay, etc. I saw the pics you posted of your old engine, ouch!

You'll be riding a bike again, hopefully sooner than estimated.

Take it easy, :)



I understand about the court thing was just a suggestion as a last ditch effort.

Maybe I am just wrong here, with my own experiances but to me, people just dont have it in them to do the right thing.

I am not blanket covering every one, I just believe that when it comes to money, mistakes or fessing up to something that needs to be corrected, its human nature to deny the truth.

Good luck though Salad, it will work out


Thumpsalad, there were at least two motors available in TT lately. I had advertised one of an '01 European pro's practice bike recently. Asking was 2500.00 CAN ( about 1600.00 USF )complete with carb, CDI, etc. Probably could have for 1400.00 USF. Let me know and I'll find out if still available.

I feel bad for you in this situation, but I think that not taking them to court is the right thing and I'm proud of you for sticking to your morals.

For those who didn't read it in the original thread, Embee warned him that there WOULD be grit left in the frame, so as I see it they did nothing wrong, assuming they gave the warning before they did the work. I'm very impressed that they offered to help at all!

I would send parts if I had any to contribute. If someone takes up a collection let me know and I will send in a few bucks, or thumpsalad send me a PM with your address and I will send it right to you. :)

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