Say Goodbye to "426sledgehammer"...

I finally got tired of watching someone get off on stirring-up the crap...426sledgehammer is outta' here...


I would like to be the FIRST to say THANK YOU TT/STEVE!!!

I will also have to appologize to you and everyone here for MY spout , but he pushed the "FAMILY" button, which is easily set off. appologies for adding to the fire by being baited into the flames!



NOW.......back to the regular sked programing!!! :)

Thanks Steve

Keep up the Good Work. I think there a lot of people out here that really appreciate your site.

[does a little happy dance]

"goodbye 426sledgehammer...."

but what's stopping him from re-appearing as someone else..???

Detection. That guy would need a lobotomy in order to fool the TT regulars. When he pops up again just PM the moderators and he will be gone again. He will also need to find new email addresses for each new alias.

Thanks Steve and all the moderators. Here's a good pledge ScottF came up with in the 250F forum:

Originally posted by Scott F:

I think it is time for a TT Pledge of Allegiance.

I pledge Allegiance to the forum

of the ThumperTalk website,

and to the technical threads for which it stands,

without off topic posts or wasted bandwidth,

with self control and enlightenment for all.


Wow, that's a pretty good pledge-I found myself looking for a TT flag. See ya later Sludgehummer, I don't think anyone on here will miss him...

Thanks Steve...


"I finally got tired of watching someone get off on stirring-up the crap..."

I would like to think that the recently departed was creating the crap rather than stirring it up. Makes it sound like there was already crap here, on TT, just waiting to be stirred.

Just goes to show that an instigator needs a responsive audience and we provided him one. Hope we all handle Flame Bait better next time.

E.G.O.****, your audio clips were a nice touch. You summed it up nicely in another post, we don't have to respond to insults with insults.

Dam I hate to see him go, LOL it was entertaining while it lasted. I too really enjoy this site and have learned many things about my bike on here, thanks to Steve and Bryan for making this site, and yes I think moderating is necessary but I appreciate you letting us get a good laugh first before you deleting mr Sludgehammer, poor guy now all he can do is look at what we are saying and he can't reply, boohoo, He probably won't be able to sleep at night for weeks. Now everyone have a good day and let's keep the flaming at a respectable level!! LOL Peace! Frank :):D

as Homer Simpson would put it... WOO HOO!

That guy was ruining the site without a cause, and I think we are all happy to see him gone. Good call!

Very nice touch Ego!! :)

Thumpin Rock Hucker: Don't worry about going after that guy. Everyone saw what he was doing and anyone else would have replied as you did. There is no harm in venting a little though you did a more than admirable job in apologizing.

Heck guys .......if all you wanted was his IP adress, I would have been glad to give it to you .

The cool thing about the Internet is EVERYTHING is trackable in one way or another!

I have already sent the MSG about IMMORAL usage of there gateway to the internet. Very simple to do and I am sure the investigation is underway already if not completed.

I had his IP b4 I even got PO'd and spouted off.

Are these MORONS really that stupid to think that they can get away with these things?

Hackers use these IPA trackers all the time to get into your cpu and HACK away and search thru all of your private stuff. It would really suck if someone WERE TO GET YOUR IPA AND HACK INTO YOUR CPU! I would hate that if it happened to me!!!!!! :)

I think the worst part would be if everyone I just PO'd new where i live/ my phone #/ AND my IP address!!!

They may get revenge on me if I was a BAD boy.

ANd I mean <font color=yellow><h1><center>BOY</h1></center> :D:D

[ July 04, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]


Since ISPs assign IPs dynamically, all you really have knowledge of is his service provider. The ISP will know who the IP was assigned to during a certain time period if they keep logs for law enforcement purposes (I.e. certain types of porn, etc).

I would like to hear about the results that you get.

I traced it back to his MAC address, hehe I a terable person

What do you think I do all day, sit on TT noooo

I trace out script whenies try to bust into thnkgs and turn the tables :)

So I can ID the ....


Lets say

SubHuman to the ISP anytime

Everthing is open and know on the internet

Rule 1

Dont do say anything on the Internet you wouldnt yell out the back door of your home....

Trouble with me is I yell out the back door all the time

Keep That dang dog shut up.

Hey lady slap that crying kid for gad sake

You want the ball back (POP) here is your ball back

No I dont pop things a funny, actually all the kids hang at me house, for some reason they think me and my wife adn kids are cool...

Happy 4th everyone

keep your feet on the pegs and the throttle open

Ya I just pledgerized motoworld

[ July 04, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

E.G.O. ****,

The MAC address is just a hexadecimal ID of a Network Interface Card. You could be looking at the ISP's server, if it is properly configured as a proxy server to insure privacy.

A little challenge, what is my MAC address.

I will confirm if you are correct. :)


at best you got the mac of his router/dsl/cable modem and NOT his machine.

We really should all just forget about the hammer (roid) - if he reregisters, his IP will be logged, and with that and his e-mail address that he will need to register, he will be detected and dealt with.

I am sure if he bothers coming back, the BS detectors are pretty sharp and he will soon be uncovered and hopefully ignored.

Lets all just get on with talking about bikes and riding huh?


well jeez guys, ruin the mans moment why dont ya? :)

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